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May 31, 2016

Chart Patterns: Part 2

Chart Patterns: Part 2

In continuation to our first article Chart Pattern Types: Part 1 we post main trading patterns which you can use as a basic tool in your trading or price action analysis:

Basic algorithm:

1. Pick trading pair (stock, equity, index, other instrument)
2. Pick pattern
3. Check chart history for that patterns to see their confirmation. Remember that the higher timeframe you use the more chances future price will follow the pattern. On 1M and 5M timeframes its hard to use technical patterns as what price does there is generate NOISE.
We advice you to use timeframes above 4H to examine history for the patterns.

Here you can see main patterns:

Head and shoulders


triple double tops&bottoms

Ascending and descending Triangles




Flags and Pennants

Flags and Pennants

Cup and Handle


Add this page to your bookmarks so you can quickly check  the patterns if you forget them. Fee free to ask any questions and don’t forget to share with your friends.

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