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11/12/19 Trade Signals

BTCUSD Trade. Prepare to catch heavy SHORT!

BTCUSD Trade. Prepare to catch heavy SHORT!

Today I would like to introduce you to the Range fill analysis explanation for BTCUSD

This BTCUSD analysis is based on Daily timeframe , with the Exponential Moving Averages (emas) the confluence for our great analysis. Continue reading

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04/12/19 Trade Signals

Gold prepares to jump. JUICY long trade

Gold prepares to jump. JUICY long trade

Fundamental context:

  • Clearly, China and US won’t make the deal. There was a lot of optimism priced in Gold (from me too!), based particularly on Trade Progress, which now starts to unwind
  • Tariffs are due to take effect on December 15. A lot of tariffs.
  • Surprising gloomy US Manufacturing PMI – 4 straight month in the downtrend, weak employment, new orders, production sub-indexes
  • Escalation over US Hong Kong and Xinjiang bill. Go and count how many times Chinese foreign Ministry used word “revenge” in their recent statements. 🙂

Technical context:

I expect to trade classic bullish flag which well-worked last time. Currently, the price has retraced by approx. 38% from the peak which is well enough to start expecting the breakout. RSI is in the downtrend watch for its breakout too as a confirmation. Key level to watch is 1490-1491, I wouldn’t recommend to get into the trade before we get the reason.


Gold bullish flag

My live account


Entry price: $1490-1491 only after pullback on the lower timeframe.
Take profit: $1600
Stop loss: $1469

Enjoy and Happy Trading!

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01/12/19 Trade Signals

Really EASY setup for EURUSD. Start of December.

Really EASY setup for EURUSD. Start of December.

Hi guys,

This setup is perfect not because E/U direction is clear, but because it will be SUPER-EASY to realise that you are wrong and this mistake will be CHEAP.

But why?

E/U closed above 1.10 last Friday and frankly I was tempted to jump in after the breakdown and bet on momentum that will drive pair lower at least till 1.0950. There was some reasonable fundamental context for this trade (weekend close, December tariff uncertainty with Dollar acting a safe-heaven, etc.), but further price action revealed that I was wrong (Thanks God!) and I quickly closed the trade with small profit (Check my last trade And then …BOOM! you know what has happened, many breakout traders were trapped and are now sitting with their shorts hoping for the pressure to resume.


Support Area EURUSD



On 4H timeframe you can notice that the support area were largely not violated in the three previous attempts. Current support area is nearly crucial level of 1.10 where long-term trends may be initiated so this trade can be easily converted from short-term to long-term if further price evolution favours that. You may argue that support holding is relatively simple observation but remember that many successful trades have simple setups supporting them. There is no reason to complicate if we can propose simple model that (yeah, Occam’s razor).

Now turn to the logic of the trade. We have busy economic calendar next week with NFP and looming December 15 tariffs (possible inflection point) which are expected to be gradually clarified by the US-Sino officials. Therefore, the probability that the EU will finally CHOOSE trend is rising. It’s good because we look for early entry points and we basically don’t care about the trend direction but care about its onset instead. Combining this with the fact that the support remained intact (3 times) there is a reason to expect that E/U will start trending higher. I will bet on this. But if it won’t be confirmed we will quickly realise our mistake and close at SL during 4th, but this time TRUE breakout.


Entry point: As early as possible after the Monday start, above 1.10.

TP: 1.1090 – 1.11, but the trade can be converted to long-term, so I will let part of my profits run if conditions favour.

SL: Hard SL at 1.0980.

Enjoy and Happy Trading!

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